A Silent Night – Discover and Experience

A Silent Night – Discover and Experience

Film, eBook and and paperback available now!

Kindle Interactive Edition: Optimized for Fire Tablets and Kindle apps for Android tablets and phones. Includes reading aloud and the song „Silent Night“ in the original German version.

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Christmas eve in 2018 marks the 200th anniversary of the first performance of the most famous Christmas carol „Silent Night, Holy Night“.
Sandra Walkshofer discovered that her grandmother’s maiden name „Mohr“ is related to Joseph Mohr and that there is a strong possibility that she is related to the poet of the song Silent Night, Holy Night.
Fascinated by the discovery she created a touching story about the historical origins of the carol, beautifully illustrated by Iris Schmidt.
Additionally to the great text and beautiful poems the eBook takes advantage of the enhanced possibilities of Apple iPads. Texts and poems are available as sound files and the whole family may listen to the story of the origins of Silent Night, Holy Night. Some of the illustrations have been animated for the textbook.
To get a feeling for the original version of the song a new recording featuring the original German text performed by Sonja and Heinz Mitterer is included as well.

The English version of the book contains a completely new translation closely following the orginal German text of the song „Silent Night, Holy Night“.